"Our mission is to provide our patients, and guests with an extraordinary experience with the best health professionals in the field, within an environment where nothing is too much or too difficult. We are obsessed with inspiring people to believe that the potential they think they have is actually an insult to the potential they actually possess."

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Counseling Psychologist 

Founder of the "anxiety and Trauma clinic." Hanan specialises in the treatment of anxiety disorders and trauma related conditions. His treatment methods includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, (CBT) Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) and Anchor based Behavioural Therapy (ABBT).


Child Therapist 

Orli is a Child Therapist who provides treatment and assessments for young children and adolescents. Her treatment includes Gestalt Therapy, Play Therapy and CBT. 


Clinical Psychologist

Sumari is registered with the HPCSA. She has experience practicing in both local and international psychology clinics, universities, schools, hospitals and psychiatric hospitals.



She has over 20 years experience in the Holistic Therapy Industry & served on The Allied Professional Council in the early 90s .  She is  passionate about a 360 degree approach to Health & Wellbeing. She specializes in Holistic massage
Reflexology and is an Access Bars Practioner. She studied with Dr Sunil Joshi in India and is trained as a Ayurvedic Technician as well.


Clinical Psychologist

Anthony's familiarity with various forms of complex trauma, interpersonal problems, adjustment difficulties, neuro-developmental disorders & Psychopathology. He also offers various assessments.  


Educational Psychologist

Stacey is passionate about working with young children, adolescents & parents. She offers various services such as play & individual therapy, parent guidance, school readiness, developmental & full psycho-educational assessments to help her clients reach their full potential. 



Sarah's passion lies in helping people with spine-related complaints such as neck pain, back pain & headaches, but is qualified to diagnose & treat most conditions in the body relating to the muscles, joints or nerves. She completed her Masters degree at the University of Johannesburg & has done further training in the areas of spine care and sports chiropractic, as well as becoming a certified pilates instructor. 


Clinical Psychologist

Linda is a registered clinical psychologist whose “ikigai” is to help people live more connected lives. She has worked in organisational psychology for over 20 years, dividing her time between clinical practice, strategic human capital management & organisational consulting. In the clinical setting, Linda’s current focus is on couple therapy and relational work. She offers a compassionate therapeutic approach that includes recognized psychotherapies, imago therapy, training for behavioural changes, as well as Existential Psychotherapy this is, addressing life meaning, goals & choices. She holds a BA Honours from Wits University and a MA Clinical Psychology from the University of Kwa Zulu Natal.


Registered Dietitian

Shani chose the path of nutrition & dietetics because of her love for good food, cooking and an innate interest in the human body and how the foods we eat play such a critical role in how our bodies function. She completed her Bachelor of Dietetics from the University of Pretoria. One of her special interests is Diabetes.


Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Laurika’s journey in the healing arts started with BodyTalk for Animals, training in intuition and telepathic communication, and then BodyTalk (consciousness based energy medicine) for humans. Extensive training followed to expand her curriculum and deepen the experience of healing and BE-ING, and to improve observing her clients’ potential and infinite possibilities within the concept of healing. She has special interest in Matrix Dynamics (family constellation, relationships), depression, anxiety as well as BodyTalk for Animals. 

Micaela Gruzin Weinberg 


Micaela specializes in the management of jaw (temporomandibular joint) and neck conditions as well as headaches, sinusitis and tinnitus. Micaela is currently completing her masters in the jaw and neck at the University of the Witwatersrand.


Indian Classical Dance 

Deepa mastered the art of Bharatanatyam under the tutelage of eminent guru Dr. Vinayachandran. Since her graduation in dance (Arengetram) at the age of 10, she also learned various Indian classical dance forms like  Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattom, and Keralanadanam. She performed extensively in different parts of India including the prestigious Soorya Festival at Trivandrum, Kerala. She is also a martial art expert with black belt 2nd  dan in Shorin-ryu Seibukan Karate.She has been training scores of students in the last 6 years around Sandton and Centurion. Choreographing dance dramas have also been Deepa's many interests in the field of dance.Her unique sensibility and teaching experience in the art form to impart knowledge and importance of devotion, grace, neat footwork and beauty of expression to her students.


Reflexologist / Craniosacral Therapist

Tracey studied Human Kinetics and Ergonomics and then went on to complete her Honours degree in Exercise Science, qualifying as a Biokineticist. She then qualified as a Reflexologist and Craniosacral Therapist. She uses a gentle touch and is guided by both science and intuitive awareness to help people access their own innate healing power, self-awareness and wisdom.


Yoga Instructor

Sam is a big Madonna fan, at that stage (early naughties) she was preaching yoga. She found her way to the Methodist Church Hall on Innes Road in Durban, S.A. on a Thursday evening and something in that very first class transformed her. The unholy mother had indeed led her to salvation. What ensued was an obsessive few years where her practice was purely physical; she have flexibility for days and that made Hatha pretty marvellous for her. She would come to learn that being flexible in yoga, like in life, can be dangerous without strength. 


Self-Defence (Krav Maga)

Michael began training in martial arts at the age of 15. He trains in other arts, including Aikido, Taekwondo, Kyusho, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Muay Thai & MMA. Mike also trained in the AMOK US Marines knife fighting system, it was during this time that he met Tyler Collins. He began training under Des Brown (32 Battalion), Alan Mann (Recces) & Tyler Collins, and is a dynamic 2nd level EDA instructor – who also carries a Level 1 Instructor Certification from Moshe Katz of the IKI in Israel.


Hypnotherapist, Life- & Relationship Coach.

Well versed with a cosmopolitan of people from all walks of life, I specialise in Inner-Child Work and Regression Therapy – assisting with Emotional Healing & Detox from past hurtful events (recent or past); I also assist people with:  Depression & Anxiety; Bereavement Counselling; Trauma Debriefing; Anger Management; Overcoming Abuse; Self-Worth Enhancement;  De-Cording & Dealing with Divorce;  I also offer Life- & Relationship Coaching & run a Couple’s Coaching Program & an Effective Parenting Program respectively.


I help people create a happier, healthier body, mind, spirit, life and relationship!





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